Milkica Ećim Panić

Telefon: +387 51 233 714

E-mail: milkica.ecim@advantisbroker.com

Milkica Ećim Panić graduated at the University of “Braća Karić” in 2006 – at the Faculty of Trade and Banking “Janićije i Danica Karić”- at the Banking department in Belgrade, Serbia. She is currently in her postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics at the Banja Luka University, in the Financial Management, Banking and Insurance department. She has ranks of a broker and of an investment manager, as well as the license to perform jobs related to securities as an investment advisor no. 05-05-04/08, valid from January 19th 2013 to January 19th 2015 – Permission by the Republic of Srpska Securities Commission no. 01-UP-051-2871/12 since December 26th 2012.

// Manager of the investment consulting department

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