Tatjana Tomanić

Telefon: +387 51 233 713

E-mail: tatjana.tomanic@advantisbroker.com


Tatjana Tomanić graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the Banja Luka University in 2004 – in the Financial Management department. She signed up for the postgraduate studies at the same faculty – in the Financial Management department. She has been employed in Advantis Broker since it was founded in 2007 as a broker. She is currently employed as a manager of the brokerage department. She has a license to perform brokerage jobs no. 05-03-71/07, valid from March 5th 2013 to March 5th 2015 – Permission by the Republic of Srpska Securities Commission no. 01-UP-051-269/13 on February 14th 2013.

// Manager of brokerage department

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