Advantis Broker is licensed to perform the following activities:

  • Brokerage services,
    • Purchasing and selling securities
    • Block trading
    • Takeovers
    • Purchasing state assets through auctions
    • Purchase as a gift
  • Dealer services,
  • Portfolio management services,
  • Issuing agent services,
  • Market support services – market making (the license to perform the aforementioned services was issued on March 5th, 2007; the license number is 01-UP-051-717/07; the license was prolonged to March 5th, 2016) and
  • Investment advisory (the license was issued on January 19th, 2009, the license number is 01-UP-051-145/09, the license was prolonged to January 1st, 2015).

1. Brokerage services

Advantis Broker performs buying and selling of securities on the Stock Exchange upon the client, in accordance with the Act, regulations of the Security and Exchange commission, the Central Registry of Securities and the Banja Luka Stock Exchange. To become a client, you need to enter into an agreement on the exchange intermediation.For concluding the Agreement, an individual person submits the following:

1. Copy of a valid identification document with photo (ID card, passport),
2. Copy of the card of the bank account (account number and reference number).

For concluding the Agreement, a legal entity submits the following:

1. Certificate of registration in the register (in which the information about the company representative is listed),
2. Notice from the Bureau of Statistics on classification by activity (registration number),
3. Certificate of Registration with the Tax Administration (TIN),
4. Bank account number on the company letterhead,
5. Copy of a valid identity document with a photograph of the person authorized to represent the company
Foreign individuals and legal entities have to submit the aforementioned documents, Apostille affixed and translated by certified court interpreters.
If the client is a minor, the contract and the order in his/her name ought to be signed by a parent or a guardian. The parents, along with a copy of their identification document, are required to enclose a copy of the birth certificate of the child with the original for checking.

Agreement and Order on behalf of a client may be concluded with the person authorized by the client. The proxy of a natural person can be exclusively:

  • first degree relative – one meiosis away (parent, sibling, offspring),
  • spouse and
  • lawyer

We receive instructions from our clients for purchasing and selling securities in several ways:

  • in person
  • by fax
  • by phone
  • by e-mail
  • by e-Trade system

2. Block trading

Block transaction of securities can be performed if the value criterion of the job is matched, that is, it is at least 500,000KM according to:
1.The latest published official unique rate and
2.The rate of the block transaction.

In this case, the buyer and the seller of securities in the block transaction directly sign the Contract of sale of securities by way of block deal between themselves.

3. Purchase for a gift

We offer our clients an option to purchase securities for a gift. Maximal value of the order for purchasing gift securities is 1,000KM

If you wish to rejoice your dearest ones with this kind of gift, you need to deliver us the information for the person you wish to buy the securities for (copy of the ID card of the gift-receiver, birth-certificate for the minors and an ID card of the parent or the guardian). Also, it is necessary to pay in the desired amount of acquisition on the brokerage company account to issue the order for securities purchase.

4. Takeover services

A person who obtains an issuer’s shares directly or indirectly, which, combined with the shares he or she already possesses, would make the person an owner of over 30% of shares with the right to vote, excluding the issuer’s shares with right to vote (their own shares), is bound to announce an offer (a bid) for a takeover of this issuer’s shares.
A person who obtains more than 75% of the total shares with voting rights through the takeover procedure of shares is no longer bound to announce an offer for a takeover.

5. Portfolio management services

Securities portfolio management services are one of the services in which Advantis Broker offers their clients a professional and conscientious management of the client’s assets. Before concluding a contract, Advantis Broker familiarizes with the client’s situation and their knowledge of the capital market by a questionnaire. By signing the contract for management of the securities, the client authorizes Advantis Broker to independently make decisions on purchasing and selling the securities for the client and their account, in accordance with the investment policy, desired return rates and any possible investment limitations regarding particular securities.

6. Issuer agent services

In doing jobs of an issuer agent, Advantis Broker conducts the whole procedure, which includes:
•advisory regarding the class, quantity, nominal value and other characteristics of securities which are transmitted, decision on the venue, deadline and the manner of registration and payment for the securities, as well as the other possible questions which are directly or indirectly related to the procedure of issuing securities relevant to the client
•preparing the decision on emission of securities
•preparing the application and applying for confirmation of the securities emission prospect by the Securities Commission, alongside all the other required documentation
•registration of the emission
•organizing the distribution of securities through a public bid with an intention that a third party registers and makes a payment for securities
•correspondence with the authorities and the other participants in the emission procedure in order to secure a successful finalizing of the procedure

7. Investment consulting

  • informing clients on the current situation in the capital market and advising on the purchase/sale of particular securities,
  • giving legal or financial advice in corporate management area,
  • performing technical, fundamental and other kinds of analysis,
  • participating in making legal and other types of acts and documents,
  • performing other similar tasks for the client.

8. Cooperation with the IFC

Advantis Broker in cooperation with the International Financial Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, offers services in the area of development of corporate company management (joint-stock companies and family companies – LLC), through individual consultancy, training and workshops.

See more about the Corporate Governance Program in Europe and Central Asia (ECA on the following link: IFC External Corporate Site.

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